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Risk Mitigation

For many years BARS Consultants have attended the client's premise and conducted compliance audits and/or underwriters survey as we do today.  The problem was not in identifying the risk or even recommending the solution as we are experts in the field, the problem was getting the client to implement the solution.

Our risk mitigation program started when one such client was honest enough to admit that he didn't know how to implement many of the things that were needed in his business.  Not everybody knows how to draft a RAMP document, formulate induction policies or put together a compliant fire and evacuation plan.

He offered BARS Consultants the task of formulating these documents, mitigating his business risk and ensure that his staff were well trained.  All we had to do then was to work out the required job description and a cost effective and accountable way to service his business needs.

Now we have clients all over Queensland that would rather pay a low monthly fee to receive the following services and more.

Training Services

Any training sessions listed in all training calendars on the BARS website at www.barstraining.com.au (scheduled training) will be offered to the Client's staff at no additional cost or be included in the monthly consultancy hours. This may include but not limited to the following:

  • Responsible Management of Licensed Venues (RMLV) Course;
  • Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA);
  • Apply First Aid;
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR);
  • Manage Conflict through Negotiation;
  • Control Persons using Empty Handed Techniques;
  • Armed Robbery Awareness; and
  • Fire Evacuation

Should the Client wish private training sessions to occur outside of scheduled training, this will be offered to the Client at no additional cost however will be included in the monthly consultancy hours.   This may include all training offered above including but not limited to the following:

  • Conducted staff training meetings and/or workshops;
  • Competency assessments of security providers;
  • Control and restrain workshops; and
  • Sessions on managing challenging behaviour
  • Armed Robbery Awareness

Consultancy Services

In addition to the training services, the following consultancy services will be offered to the Client in the monthly consultancy hours. This may include but not limited to the following:

  • Liquor Licensing applications;
  • Compliance Audits;
  • Underwriters Surveys;
  • Advocacy;
  • Preparation, review and assistance in implementation of all relevant polices and procedures;
  • Private investigation services;
  • Advice on any Liquor Licensing, Police, Security or Regulatory Compliance matters as they arise;
  • Representation at meetings with OLGR, Queensland Police and OFT;
  • Representation at local community meetings and liquor accords;
  • Unlimited phone advice on any licensing or security related matter;
  • Fire Evacuation Plans and compliance documents; and
  • Supervision and overview of licensed events conducted by the venue

These monthly risk mitigation plans can work out as low as $55 (incl. GST) an hour with plans starting at 5 consultancy hours per week.  These monthly plan allows BARS Consultants to operate as an extension to your business, providing a cost effective service for maintaining best practice industry standards to limit the risk to your liquor license, your staff and your business as a whole.

Call us any time to find for all of your liquor and security compliance needs. It’s cheaper than you think for peace of mind.

Note: Prices may vary due to the size of the premises, location and specific client needs.


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